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The Evolution of Soccer Games

EA Sports have confirmed that “2010 FIFA World Cup”, a new video game, will be released on April 27th. It means that the franchises “Sensible Soccer”, “International Superstar Soccer” and others like them are almost gone. This article, along with the video accompanying it, was written in appreciation of EA Sports’s classic FIFA games. FIFA 10 is undoubtedly the best football title, in terms of football game advancements. But many Pro Evolution Vaoroi.TV fans would disagree. There have been many great titles in the past. But there are also some lesser-known gems.

Italia 90 and Ultimate Soccer were among the first titles that captivated football fans around the world. Italia 90 was for me the one that began it. Although there were some problems, like not being able cross the box from the edge with ease, this was minor in a game that was instrumental in my early gaming experience. Brazil and Italy were the most successful teams from the game as seen from the birds-eye perspective. Sensible Soccer won the hearts of my friends, and the gaming community as a whole. This created a lasting dynasty. Amiga Power had Sensi at the top of charts.

FIFA International Soccer was released in July 1993. This introduced 16-bit football and the famous player who could run from the referee while being given a Yellow Card. Play would then stop until the referee caught up to him. Sensible World of Soccer, which was released in 1994, was the first video game to attempt to encompass all of professional footballing. It featured career modes that included both players and managers as well as multiple clubs and country teams. The New York Times even included this game on their list of the ten most important videogames of all time.

FIFA 96 was undoubtedly one of the most important innovations in the game’s history. Silicon Graphics created models using MotionDesign animation technology and modeled the players. New moves included fast dribble and passing, volleys, fakes, dummies, and nuts – these were the first steps towards the modern game. The game had real players with real skills. FIFA 97 provided very little novelty aside from the indoor arena. Something I’ve hoped to see again in the next 13 years. FIFA Road To World Cup 98 was the next. It established a standard in graphics, gameplay and graphics for future football games. But it would be a long time before EA Sports would resurface to be the top franchise.

International Superstar Soccer 64 was, in my opinion, the best football game ever. It gave you an arcade experience on your couch, and there was an unmistakable competitive streak among your friends. This game was not about realizing the truth. Its success was due to its fluid gameplay, and the tangible skill of gamers. Are you familiar with the “Zā€ button to curl? You could zig-zag right to left. ISS 98 quickly followed, and it was just as highly rated. However, there weren’t any official licenses.

This is Football (TIF), 2003 offered an alternative to FIFA-like gameplay. While it had potential, you would be mad to choose this or TIF 2005, the successor to PES. Personally, I would prefer to play the original PES. It was discontinued abruptly.

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