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The Dinair Airbrush Kit is like having a personal professional best makeup artist in bangalore at home

Over the years, many women have tried out many brands of makeup at different price points. It was difficult to find retail makeup that would give you a flawless look that would last a whole day, even a few years ago. Did it seem that professional makeup artists were the only way to get flawlessly natural looking skin?

After much discussion with friends, research online, and trial and error, the Dinair Airbrush Kit was my delight. To achieve flawless makeup, many commercial best makeup artist in bangalore use the same makeup as Dinair. These amazing effects can be achieved in your own home. The Dinair kit includes all the essential tools that you will need.

Dinair Airbrush Kits make it easy to get started. They include everything you need including an instructional DVD. Although it may take a few practice rounds before you feel comfortable with the technique, once you get used to it, you’ll be able to achieve beautiful results in no time. The best thing about the foundation is the ability to conceal or cover up almost any imperfection, such as freckles or fine lines.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can add some techniques to amazingly mask severe acne, dark circle and even tattoos. The unique makeup and Dinair Airbrush Kit are distinctive because you can apply it to any part of your body.

You will be able to complete your daily makeup routine faster if you are more proficient at using the airbrush technique. Anyone can learn how to use the kit as a pro using the training materials provided. Dinair also offers support online for your use.

Numerous salons, spas, and cosmetic professionals consider Dinair to be the best airbrush makeup system available. In 1981, they were the first makeup artists to be recognized as stars. The company recently realized that this technique can be used at home with little instruction. The results are comparable to professional makeup artists, but at a fraction the cost.

There are many companies that make airbrush makeup systems, but Dinair is the most innovative and has remained loyal to its customers for many years.

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Proactols Binding weight Pill

Binding Weight, fat binding or fat blocking – You are probably familiar with this term in weight loss. Two factors drive the weight binding industry: the desire to look good and the need for a healthy physique.

There are many weight loss pills on the market, and some are safer than others.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 most popular pills for binding body weight that doctors believe are healthy.

  • Proactol

1. This product was FDA approved in 2006. It is an extract from the Opuntiaficus-indica cactus. This binding weight pill is 100% natural and organic. It prevents around 28% of your total clenbuterol buy intake from rotting. It then flows easily through your digestive system. Proactol can also be used to suppress your appetite and reduce cholesterol. You can order shipping online worldwide.

  • Alli

2. Alli reports that this product is FDA approved, binding weight, and similar to Proactol. It can bind up to 25% of the fatty substances in your intestinal tract, while also suppressing appetite. You should limit your intake to less than 15gms of fat per day. This will cause irritable bowel syndrome and loose stool. It is available over-the-counter in the USA and via shipping on-line worldwide.

  • Clenbuterol

3. This “miracle pill”, or “size zero” pill, was once a popular drug. It was originally created for horses to treat their asthma. It increases your heart rate which causes you to lose more fat and suppresses your appetite for as long as 9 hours. This drug is now considered dangerous due to its short-term and long-term effects.

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Different types of hiking boots and hiking shoes

There are many kinds of hiking boots and shoes. It can be

overwhelming. There are many types of hiking shoes that don’t fit into every category. I’ll discuss four categories of hiking footwear based on what kind of hiking they are best suited for.

1. Sandals and hiking shoes. You can use them for short walks, to knock around in camp, or as interludes during a longer hike.

2. Day-hiking boots. Moderate hiking, such day hikes and short hikes in rough terrain.

3. Backpacking boots Multi-day backpacking trips.

4. Mountaineering boots. Mountain climbing and ice climbing are the best options for serious hikers.

You will also see an increase in the price as you go up in categories. This means that you need to be more thoughtful and careful when shopping for the highest priced items. Before you start your serious shopping, make sure to know what kinds of hiking boots you have so that you can choose the best one.

Do not be intimidated by the price and don’t assume you don’t require special-purpose hiking boots. While you don’t necessarily need $200 for mountaineering boots (but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go on a 12-mile hike in your tennis shoes), it’s not necessary to have them. This article will help you decide what type of hiking boots you need. You’ll then be able to dig deeper into what you really need.

Hiking Shoes and Sandals

Multi-purpose hiking shoes are possible. You might already have the right footwear if you’re new to hiking and plan to do short hikes on well-maintained trails. Light hiking can be done with sneakers or cross trainers.

Shoes specifically designed for trail running or light hiking usually rise slightly higher than regular sneakers. They also have a “scree neck” (a collar with padding around the ankle to keep pebbles from getting in). They are not waterproof but may be water resistant. The tread is also not aggressive.

Hiking shoes can be used for short hikes along relatively dry trails that are not too steep and don’t weigh much. Day-hiking boots and backpacking boots are recommended for those who will be walking on snow or ice, crossing streams, or climbing steep slopes.

Hiking sandals make up a unique category of hiking footwear. Sandals might seem absurd when you think about the main purpose of hiking shoes, which is warmth, protection, traction and drying. You should reconsider.

Hiking sandals are not suitable for winter hiking. While sandals can protect your soles from sharp objects and rough surfaces, they cannot protect your feet from the rocks and brush that might be on your feet. They provide excellent traction.

What about keeping your feet dry? Don’t laugh! Sandals will not keep water out of your feet as you cross streams, but they will keep water in if you step from the stream. Many hikers keep sandals in their backpacks, and they switch to them when they cross streams that are going to be too high for their hiking boots.

Sandals are worth considering if you only plan to hike short distances on level trails in the warm weather. You may also want to have a pair of hiking sandals that you can switch between during a hike or when you are on a longer, more strenuous hike.

Day-Hiking Boots

Day-hiking boots were designed for hiking. You should think about your footwear if you plan to do moderate hiking such as day hikes, or short hikes along rugged trails.

Day-hiking boots are usually elevated just above the ankle and have a padded collar. The shank is usually made of fiberglass to support the sole and arch supports. To provide waterproofing, the tongue can be attached partially or fully.

Nearly all day-hiking boots have hooks on the upper for the laces. Some boots have eyelets that reach the top of the boot, but they are difficult to properly tighten.

Beware of imitations Many shoes that look similar to hiking boots have been copied by the fashion industry. They are more suited for coffee shops than hiking in the backwoods. You can distinguish the genuine hiking boots from the pretenders if you look closely.

* Skree collar

* Stiff shank

* Attached tongue or partially attached

* Really aggressive tread

These features are not necessary if you’re looking cool. The imitation hiking boots do not have them.

Backpacking Boots

Backpacking boots can be worn for a long time in very harsh conditions. Backpacking boots are necessary for anyone who plans to hike a lot, including multi-day backpacking trips and long, difficult hikes. Don’t be discouraged by the high price: A pair of boots costing $100 that lasts five year is less than a pair that costs $40 every year. They are also more comfortable.

Backpacking boots are usually taller than the ankle. High-rise boots like military-style “combat” boots may not have a padded “scree collar,” but lower-rise boots will. To provide arch support and stiffness, they have a rigid shank made of steel or fiberglass. On high-rise boots, the tongue can be attached partially or fully on lower boots. Backpacking boots have a very aggressive tread design.

Many backpacking boots come with eyelets to allow you to tie the laces. It makes it more difficult to put on the boots and take them off. The laces are also more difficult to adjust than if there were hooks. However, the eyelets are less likely to catch on brush or get bent when you hit your leg against a rock. D-rings are used on the upper of hiking boots and can be a great compromise. They are more durable than hooks and can be adjusted easily than eyelets.

Heavy-duty boots are available that aren’t suitable for hiking. Work boots may look very similar to hiking boots except for the tread. Make sure that the tread of your backpacking boots is meant for the trail, not the workshop.

Mountaineering Boots

Mountaineering boots have been specifically designed to be used in extreme and harsh conditions. Mountaineering boots can also refer to specialized footwear like ice-climbing shoes.

This is a habit of mine. I am not an expert on mountaineering boots or the conditions that require them. They are available and may suit your needs. If you’re ready to have a look at mountaineering boot, I can only recommend that you seek out suitable advice.

The majority of mountaineering boots are completely rigid and made from thick, heavy leather, or molded plastic. These boots are heavy and can be difficult to walk in, even under normal conditions.

Don’t let your guard down. You don’t have to buy special-purpose mountaineering shoes if you are looking for backpacking footwear. In this instance, buying more hiking boots than you actually need is a mistake. For climbing Mount Everest, mountaineering boots will be your best choice. However, they are not suitable for hiking in the National Park.


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Hiking Boot Accessories – Hiking Socks and Insoles, Laces, Laces And Crampons

You should first purchase some accessories before you shop for hiking boots. This article will help you to choose the best hiking socks and hiking boots liners. You might also want to consider other accessories before making your decision.

We will be focusing on accessories, but it is important to remember that many accessories can influence your decision about hiking boots. This is especially important when choosing the right size. You need to ensure that your hiking boots fit properly.

Let’s now talk about hiking socks and insoles, laces and crampons and how they affect the choice of hiking boots.

Hiking Socks

There are two types of hiking socks that you should use if you plan to do serious hiking.

1. Socks with insulation and cushioning.

2. Liner socks.

On shorter hikes (including day-hikes), you may not need to wear liners. For multi-day backpacking trips, I only wear liners.

No matter what socks you choose, make sure you wear them before you shop for hiking boots. With socks on, your hiking boots should fit properly. In colder temperatures, you may need two pairs insulation and cushioning socks. Make sure your boots are able to accommodate these socks.

Both types must be made from a wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the skin. Wool is the best natural wicking material and it wears well. Silk can be used for lining socks but doesn’t last very long. Cotton absorbs moisture and retains it without wicking away. For those allergic to wool, some compositions of nylon and polypropylene can act as effective wicking material.

Liner socks are placed next to your skin. You should make sure they are very smooth. If you’re willing to change the socks every hike, you can use sheer nylon or silk. You can also use a fine-knit wool socks. Even though they look very fine and smooth, polypropylene socks are often too rough to use as hiking liners.

Even for moderate hiking, you will need insulation socks and cushioning socks. They must be thick enough so your feet are comfortable and can withstand the shock of heavy walking. They don’t need to be too soft unless you do not use the liner socks. Wool is the best option, unless you are allergic. In that case, you can use nylon socks or polypropylene, or a combination of both.

No matter what type of hiking you do, you should first test your socks on something easier. You can test them out on a shorter hike or during your daily walking to check for hot spots. After a few miles of walking, your socks can cause blisters. This is something you want to do close to home and not in the middle of nowhere. Even if your hiking skills are good, you should try a new type socks on short walks before you decide to take it on a longer hike.

Orthopedic Inserts and Insoles

You can make a huge difference to your hiking comfort with cushioned insoles. Although hiking boots come with built-in cushioning it is best to have removable insoles you can change regularly. You can replace your hiking boots if they wear out.

There are a wide variety of removable insoles on the market. As this is mostly personal preference, I won’t recommend any one type. Two things will be recommended by me:

1. You can use them in everyday walking or on short hikes before you embark on a longer hike. You can always try another type if you don’t like them.

2. When you shop for hiking boots, bring them along. The boots should fit correctly with the insoles on. Choose a size that suits your feet, socks, as well as insoles.

Bring any orthotic inserts that you have in your shoes with you to the store when shopping for hiking boots. Your hiking boots should fit all the items you plan to use them for.

Lace for Hiking Boots

You can consider laces as an accessory to your hiking boots. Your boots come with laces, which is probably fine. On a long hike you might want to bring an extra pair of laces in case one breaks. If you have any reason to not like the boots that came with them, you may want to replace them before they break.

Boot laces are generally made of braided nylon and similar synthetics. Rawhide boots laces are also available, but they can be problematic. They may be more durable than braided nylon but you might have to live with them for longer. There are several problems with rawhide boot laces:

They can stretch due to changes in humidity or the passage of time. This needs to be adjusted frequently.

* Rawhide can be sharp and can cause injury if you are trying to adjust them or tie them. This is not true for rawhide braided or covered in a braided nylonshell.

Round laces are preferred. Flat laces look great on boots but can break much more easily than round laces.


For traction on snow and ice, you can attach rampons to your hiking boots. These are typically made of metal spikes and sometimes plastic. They fit under your hiking boots using adjustable straps or clamps.

Heavy-duty crampons are available for ice climbing. These crampons are not covered in this article. Be aware of them and move on to a more aggressive pair.

Even if you don’t have any crampon attachment points, light crampons will attach to your hiking boot. Make sure that your hiking boots have a lip at the top so the crampons can attach.

Although traction accessories are available for walking on icy streets, they are not suitable for hiking. They are not able to withstand the strain of walking up steep hills and can also not withstand excessive wear. You should choose crampons specifically made for hiking.

Conventional crampons can extend your hiking boots to the maximum length. There are also crampons that only fit into the instep, and don’t extend beyond the toe or heel. These crampons work much better than I expected. It is important to not walk on your toes if you are crossing icy patches. However, I found this to be a natural instinct. The natural response to an icy slope is for you to walk sideways and then dig in with your boots. This is where the half-length crampons will be found. It works wonderfully.


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Sources of business finance

The following headings can be used to examine sources of business finance:

(1) Short Term Finance

To meet the immediate business needs, short-term financing is necessary. Current needs could include paying taxes, wages or salaries, repairs, and payment to creditors. Because sales revenues and purchase payments do not always match, short-term finance is necessary. Sometimes sales are lower than purchases. Additional sales might be made on credit, while cash purchases may be possible. These disequilibriums may require short-term finance to meet them.

These are the sources of short-term finance:

(i). Bank OverdraftBank overdrafts are a very popular source of business financing. This allows the client to draw a certain amount of money above and beyond his account balance. It is much easier for a businessman to cover short-term unexpected expenses.

(iii) Bill DiscountingBanks can discount bills of exchange. This gives the bill holder cash that can be used for immediate financial needs.

(iii). Advances from Customers:Advances can be used to confirm orders. However, they can also be used to finance the operation necessary for executing the job order.

(iv). Installment Purchases Buying on installment allows for more time to pay. Deferred payments can be used to finance small expenses that are not payable immediately.

(v), Bill of LadingBill of Lading is used to guarantee that banks will lend you money. The loan amount can also be used for short-term finance.

(vi). Financial Institutions Different financial institutions offer short-term loans to help people in financial trouble. Some co-operative societies offer short-term financial assistance to businessmen.

(viii) Trade Credit:It’s a common practice for businessmen to purchase raw material, store, and spares using credit. These transactions increase the accounts payable to the business and are due to be paid within a specified time. Cash is used to purchase goods and payments are made after 30-60, 60, and 90 days. This gives businessmen some flexibility when they have to meet financial difficulties.

(2) Medium Term Finance:

This finance is necessary to meet the short-term (1-5 year) needs of the business. These funds are essential for the modernization, balancing and replacement of machinery and plants. They are also required for the re-engineering and maintenance of the company. These funds are used to help the management complete medium-term capital projects in the timeframe they have planned. These are some sources of medium-term finance:

(i). Commercial Banks:Commercial bank are the main source of medium-term finance. They offer loans with different terms and can be used to purchase securities. If necessary, the terms can be renegotiated.

(iii) Hire Purchase:Hire purchasing means that you buy in installments. This allows the company to purchase the goods they need with future installments. It is important to mention that interest is charged on any outstanding amounts.

(iii). Financial Institutions Several financial institutions, such as SME Bank and Industrial Development Bank, offer medium- and long-term financing. They provide financial services, as well as technical and managerial support on various matters.

(iv), Debentures, and TFCs: Debentures (Terms Finance Certificates), and TFCs (Terms Financial Certificates) can also be used to source medium-term finances. A debtor acknowledges that the company has borrowed money. The parties can agree on the duration of the debt. The return to the debenture holder is at a fixed interest rate. TFCs have replaced debentures in Islamic financing.

Insurance Companies (v)Insurance Companies have a large pool contributed by policyholders. This pool is used by insurance companies to make loans and investments. These loans provide medium-term financing for many businesses.

(3) Long Term Financing:

These are long term funds that are needed on a permanent basis for a longer period of time. These are needed to fund major business changes or heavy modernization costs. They are required to start a new business plan, or for long-term developmental projects. These are some of its sources:

(i), Equity Shares:This is the most popular method to raise long-term finance. To increase the capital base for a large-scale business, equity shares can be subscribed by the public. Equity share holders are entitled to share in the profits and losses of the business. This is a safe and secure method, as the amount received is not repaid until the company is wound up.

(iii) Retained Earnings Retained earning are the profits that are not used to pay for the business project. They can be used to fund the business project in times of financial need. This is also known as ploughing back profits.

Leasing (iii).Leasing can also be used to provide long-term financing. Leasing allows you to acquire new equipment without having to pay a lot of money.

(iv). Financial Institutions Different financial institutions, such as the former PICIC, also offer long-term loans to business houses.

(v), Debentures:Debentures, Participation Term Certificates can also be used to source long-term financing.


These are all different sources of finance. There is no way to tell the difference between short-term and medium-term sources, or between medium and long-term sources. For example, a commercial bank source can offer a short-term or long-term loan depending on the client’s needs. All of these sources can be used to raise funds in modern business.

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Car Finance – What you should know about dealer finance

Car financing has become a big business. Many UK car buyers are financing their purchase with some form of finance. You can get financing from the dealer, a bank loan or leasing. But, very few people buy a car using their own money.

In the past, a private buyer would have purchased a car with a maximum value of PS8,000 if they had PS8,000 to spend. Today, the same PS8,000 could be used to deposit on a car that could be worth many tens or thousands of dollars, with up to five years of monthly payments.

According to various dealers and manufacturers, anywhere from 40% to 87% of car sales today are made with finance. It is no surprise that many people are jumping on the car finance bandwagon in order to make a profit off buyers’ desire to own the most flashy, high-end car they can afford within their monthly cashflow limits.

It is easy to finance a car. You can purchase a car that costs more than you can afford upfront, but you can manage small monthly cash payments over time. Car finance can be confusing because many buyers don’t realize that they often end up paying more than the car’s face value. They also don’t understand the implications of the agreements.

This author is not pro-finance or anti-finance in buying a car. You must consider all aspects of financing a car. Not just the purchase of the car but also the entire term of the financing and any subsequent consequences. Although the UK has strict regulations for the industry, a regulator cannot force you to read all documents or make smart car finance decisions.

Financing through a dealership

Many people find financing their car through the dealer where they are purchasing the car convenient. You may also find national programs and offers that can make financing your car through the dealer attractive.

This blog will concentrate on two types of car finance that car dealers offer private car buyers: the Hiring Purchase (HP), and the Personal Purchase(PCP), with a short mention of the Lease Buy (LP). Another blog will discuss leasing contracts.

What’s a Hire Purchase?

An HP is a type of mortgage. You pay a deposit upfront and then you pay the remainder over a set period (usually 18-60months). After you make your final payment, your car becomes yours. This is how car finance has worked for many years. However, it is starting to fall out favor with the PCP option below.

A Hire Purchase has many benefits. It is easy to understand. The buyer can choose their deposit amount and term. The term can be up to 5 years (60 month), which is more than many other financing options. The agreement can be cancelled at any point without major penalties if your circumstances change. However, the amount owing could be higher than the car’s value early in the agreement term. If you intend to keep the car, you will usually pay less with an HP than with a PCP.

An HP is more expensive than a PCP, which means that you are less likely to be able to afford the car.

An HP is best for buyers who plan to keep their car for a long period of time (i.e. longer than the finance term), have large deposits, or need a simple plan that provides easy car financing with no strings attached.

What’s a Personal Contract Purchase?

Manufacturer finance companies often give a PCP other names (e.g., BMW Select, Volkswagen Solutions or Toyota Access). This is a popular option, but it can be more complex than an HP. The majority of new car finance deals advertised these days are PCPs. Dealers will often push for a PCP instead of an HP as it is more beneficial to them.

You pay a deposit, and then you make monthly payments over the term. The monthly payments are usually lower or the term is shorter, but they can be as low as one month. You are not paying the entire car off. There is still a substantial amount of finance that remains unpaid at the end of the term. This is often called a GMFV (Guaranteed Maximum Future Value). A car finance company guarantees that the car will have a value equal to the remaining finance. There are three options available to you:

1) Return the car. While you won’t receive any money back, you won’t be required to pay the rest. You have been renting the car the entire time.

2) Pay the GMFV and the remainder of the amount owed. This amount can be thousands of pounds so it is usually not an option for most people.

3) You can part-exchange your car for a new or older one. The dealer will evaluate your car and pay the finance. You can use equity (or the greater value of your car) to make a deposit on the next car.

People who are looking for a brand new car or a near-new vehicle and intend to keep it until the end of their agreement (or sooner) with the PCP are best suited. It is usually cheaper than contract hire or lease finance products for private buyers. It is not necessary to return to the same dealership or manufacturer for your next vehicle. Any dealer can finance your car and sign the agreement for you. This is a great option for buyers who are looking to purchase a higher-end car but have a smaller cashflow than with an HP.

A PCP has the disadvantage that you are locked into a cycle of changing your vehicle every few years in order to avoid large payments at the end. Borrowing money to pay the GMFV but keeping the car will usually result in a monthly payment that’s much less than starting a new PCP with new car. This almost always encourages the owner to replace it with a different car. Manufacturers and dealers love PCPs. It keeps you coming back every three years, rather than keeping it for five to ten years.

What’s a Lease Purchase?

An LP is something of a mix between a PCP and an HP. An LP has a deposit, low monthly payments (like a PCP), and a large final payment at its end. This final payment, often called a balloon, is not guaranteed, unlike a PCP. If your car’s value is less than the amount owed, and you wish to sell it/part-exchange it before you consider paying a deposit for your next car, this means you will have to pay any difference (called negative equity).

Read the fine print

It is essential that anyone purchasing a car on financing reads the contract carefully before signing anything. Many people make the error of purchasing a car on financing and end up not being able to pay their monthly payments. Your finance period could last up to five years. It is important that you consider the consequences of this decision on your life. Due to unexpected pregnancies, many sports cars that were heavily financed had to be returned. This can often have serious financial consequences for their owners.

You should discuss and consider all options for financing a car. Also, be aware of the pros/cons of each type of car finance product to make informed financial decisions.

Stuart Masson, founder and owner of The Car Expert is a London-based independent car buying agency that offers impartial advice to anyone who wants to buy a used or new car.

Stuart is originally from Australia. He has been passionate about cars and the industry for almost thirty years and has spent the past seven years in the retail sector of the automotive industry in both Australia and London.

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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

A survey found that 92% of marketers believe that social media marketing has a significant impact on their business. 80% of respondents also claimed that they have seen increased traffic as a result of their efforts. It is time for your company to consult a top social media marketing agency if you have not yet integrated social media marketing strategies into your promotional campaigns. Before you begin your research, it is important to understand the marketing strategy. Here are some elements to be aware of when creating a social media strategy.

smm has become an integral part our day-to-day lives. Social media is used by more than 70% of adults to keep in touch. No matter how small or large their company is, they use a variety of internet marketing techniques. Some of the most sought-after options include Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Instagram advertising. New digital marketing strategies have been developed due to social media’s increasing popularity. Social marketing offers many key benefits, including greater reach, cost efficiency and higher returns on investment, as well as access to a global platform. It is crucial to ensure that your plan is properly designed and implemented. It is highly recommended to hire the services of a top social media influencer agency. Let’s look at the top benefits of having a digital marketing agency or social media influencer work with your company.

Identify your goals and objectives in marketing. Without knowing your goals and objectives, you can’t create a marketing campaign. Consider your company’s goals, and determine how social media will help you reach them. Your objectives should be specific, quantifiable and relevant.

Know your competition and customer base. To drive sales and revenue, you must target the right audience. You can’t reach the right audience, no matter how you use Instagram marketing or Twitter marketing. Research your competitors. Look at the strategies of your competitors. To get a better understanding of their marketing strategies, compare and evaluate them.

You need to choose the right channel for your ideas. Having the best social media content ideas is a must, but the next step is to choose the right channel. Instead of wasting time and effort on the wrong platform, focus your attention on the one that is most beneficial for your business goals.

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Management of periodic literature in higher education libraries in Sierra Leone


The General Conference of UNESCO, held in Paris, 19 November 1964, agreed that a publication was a periodic if it constituted one of a continuous series with the same title (Norman 2008). This idea is supported by the fact that periodic literature is published at regular intervals for an indefinite time, with individual issues not being numbered. A periodical literature is a publication that has a distinct title and appears at regular or stated intervals, without any prior decision about when the next issue will appear. It may contain articles, stories, and other writings from multiple contributors. The term periodic literature can be used to indicate transactions and percentages of societies as well as daily newspapers magazines, scholarly journal, trade journals, review journals, and scholarly journals. Insufficient funding for higher education libraries in Sierra Leone, like many developing and underdeveloped countries around the world, is a reflection of a poor periodical literature collection. This results in ineffective information services that are not provided to the satisfaction of users. Because of the importance of research in academia, it is essential that higher education libraries in Sierra Leone manage periodical literature.


Sierra Leone has a 6-3-3-4 education system. It is divided into six years at primary level, three (3) years at Junior Secondary level and three(3) years at Senior Secondary level. There are a minimum of four (4) years at tertiary. This division allows for curriculum to be more individualized and adapted to the needs of different students. Education policy in Sierra Leone aims to ensure that every child receives an education that takes into account his character, aptitude, emotional and psychological well-being, the country’s manpower needs and the importance of academic and non-academic education. It also considers the need for literature and numerate citizens. His education should be able to benefit the country while also providing opportunities for his success in life.

Higher education refers to post-secondary education that is given at a college, university or polytechnique. It is also the stage of specialization. Higher education’s objectives will vary depending on the institution and the course of study, but they all include the acquisition of intellectual and physical skills that are necessary for society development. After secondary education, Sierra Leone’s higher educational institutions are the foundation of educational advancement. The best way to change people’s outlook is through higher education. The empowerment and development of human resources is a key factor in society’s development. Higher educational institutions play an important role in the development of the human resources to positively and meaningfully contribute to the socio-economic and political development of Sierra Leone.

The University of Sierra Leone and Ernest Bai Koroma University are three of the higher educational institutions in Sierra Leone. Njala University is a state-owned university, while Njala University and University of Makeni are privately owned. Fourah Bay College (FBC), Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) and College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences(COMAHS) are the constituent colleges of the University of Sierra Leone. Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, Eastern Polytechnigue, Bonthe Polytechnique and Freetown Teacher are all higher education institutions with collegiate status. These institutions offer courses that lead to certificates and diplomas. The private and state-owned universities offer certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different disciplines at their respective faculties. Curricula vary from one institution to the next. Programmes that require periodical literature are available in medicine, engineering, education and agriculture. The Central Government provides subvention funds to higher education institutions to improve their smooth-running. However, some donor agencies also provide financial assistance to these institutions.

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Guide to Building a Gaming Computer

A Gaming Computer (also known as gaming computer) is a personal computer capable of running complex and graphically demanding games. These computers are similar to regular computers, except that they are equipped with a performance-oriented video card and other specifications. These computers are much more expensive than conventional computers, but they can be bought easily on the market. Most gamers are more concerned about performance and cost than building a gaming computer.

You can build your own gaming computer by purchasing all the components separately and putting them together to make your custom gaming computer. This method allows you to build a gaming computer that is fast and affordable, according to your gaming needs. Building your own gaming computer is a great way to save money and have an efficient machine. It can also be fun.

How do you choose your components?

The most difficult part of building a gaming computer is selecting the right components. Here’s a quick guide to help you build your gaming computer.

1. Central Processing Unit (CPU).

The Central Processing Unit (CPU), is an essential component of all computer systems. The CPU is the part of the computer system that executes the instructions in a program. It could be described as the brain of the computer. This microprocessor will determine the performance of your games, and other applications.

It can be difficult to choose the right Central Processing Unit (CPU), for your gaming system. The right CPU for your system will not always be the fastest or most expensive. Some processors can only be used with certain motherboard types.

A powerful CPU is essential for a gaming computer to perform well. These CPUs can be purchased at a very affordable price from Intel or AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).

The Core i7 processor and Core i5 processor models are available from Intel. These models are currently the most used for gaming and are highly recommended.

AMD has the Athlon series and the Phenom series. The most popular Phenom X4 series is recommended if you are looking to go AMD.

2. Motherboard

The motherboard is the heart of the computer system. It houses all the other components. The motherboard is the brain of the computer system. It is therefore a wise investment to buy the best motherboard.

Next, you will need to choose your motherboard for your gaming machine. Three things are important when choosing a motherboard.

A motherboard can only support one type processor. Different CPUs come with different connectors. Make sure your plug fits into your motherboard connector.

Second, the speed limit for motherboards is dependent on the processor model. The motherboard specifications will indicate the maximum processor speed that can be used by the motherboard. Check that your motherboard supports your chosen CPU before you buy.

The motherboards determine the amount and type of RAM that you can have. DDR SDRAM and RDRAM are required for a gaming computer. Make sure your motherboard supports this amount of memory.

Below are some well-respected motherboard manufacturers that you can search for the perfect gaming motherboard.

3. Hard Drive

Your hard drive is responsible for storing files and programs. Consider these main characteristics when buying a hard disk for your gaming system: speed, size and type of interface.

Speed refers to the speed at which your hard drive spins. This determines how fast you can access and transfer data. The fastest hard drives on the market today can spin at around 7200rpm (rounds/minute). You don’t want to have anything less in a gaming computer. Otherwise, it can cause delays between writing and reading data.

Higher-end hard drives with speeds up to 10,000 rpm or 15,000 rpm are also available on the market, but they come at a higher cost. A 7200rpm hard disk is sufficient for your gaming computer. However, you can spend more to get faster hard drives.

[Size] Hard drives are available in a variety of sizes. They can be as small as 80GB up to 500GB. It is recommended to get the biggest hard drive possible for your gaming computer. This will enable you to store a lot of software and data, including games.

[Interface] An interface on the hard disk is responsible for managing data exchange between a computer (or other device) and the hard drive. The most common hard drive interface is Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA). It comes in two versions: the original Parallel ATA, (PATA), and the faster Serial ATA, (SATA).

The SCSI (small computer system interface) is a more expensive option that’s used for workstation computers. It is sufficient to have the SATA for your gaming computer if your motherboard supports it.

4. Video Card

It is difficult to choose the right video card for your motherboard and CPU. You will get the stunning 3D graphics and effects found in the most recent computer games through the gaming card you choose. A better graphics card will deliver better 3D gaming experiences, so make sure you get the best gaming card for your gaming computer.

You can connect the graphic processing unit (GPU), to your motherboard via AGP or PCI Express slots. It is recommended to use a graphics card that connects through the PCI Express slot on your motherboard for gaming computers.

When buying a video card, speed and efficiency should not be your only consideration. The advanced 3D rendering effects like anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering as well as bump-mapping and pixel shaders should be considered. Consider a card that supports the latest 3D rendering technologies in the software industry for your gaming computer.

Two companies currently dominate the graphic card market just like the CPU market. These are ATI, and nVidia. ATI is responsible to market the Radeon series of cards, while nVidia markets the GeForce line.

5. Power Supply

The power supply is an essential component of the computer system that is often overlooked. The computer cannot function without a power supply. Its primary function is to convert AC power from main line into usable low voltage DC power for internal components of the computer. Three different DC voltages are available to your computer: 12VDC (main line), 5VDC (main line), and 3VDC (computer components use them differently).

Based on the maximum power they can produce, each power supply has a specific amount of energy (or wattage). While wattages are typically between 300W and 500W, some gaming power supplies can reach 800W to 1kW.

It is recommended that you have at least 500W power supply in order to power your gaming computer.

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Evolutionary and Philosophical Insights into Global Education

I know I don’t know anything – ipse nihil Scire id unum Sciat

He believes he knows only one thing (Socrates).

Learning is about learning things you didn’t know you had

Latin term Educatum, which is the act of training or teaching others, gives rise to the word education. It can influence almost every aspect and part of our lives from childhood onwards. How we become as individuals and families is affected by education.

Education is available to everyone, and is found everywhere. You can see, hear, and read about education in all media, including books, movies, advertisements, television, and theatres. It is also available online and at work. The media world is saturated with educational information, research reports, and teaching methods.

Education is becoming more important. Science and technology have significantly increased the basic need. The workforce must be educated to keep pace with technological advances.
This demand is being met by both governments and private providers.

To meet the growing demand for education, innovative methods and sometimes unconventional approaches are required to transfer knowledge to the next generation.

Although the most important changes in education systems have occurred over the past century, they have been changing continuously since the beginning.

The most important components of human society are education, religion, and morality. This work will discuss all religions. We will not discuss differences between Christianity, Judaism or Islam. Nor will we discuss specific religions’ influence on particular ethnic groups.

This discussion focuses on the effects of religion and morality upon education and the relationships between them.

Religion has had a significant impact on human history. Education and knowledge have been a boon to societies all over the globe.

Religious leaders are concerned by the rise in secular scientific education because they fear it will have a negative effect on their religious faith. Social scientists also support this concern, arguing that scientific and educational advances can result in the loss or reduction of religious faith.

My observations show that there is an obvious asymmetry in biblical literalism and secular learning. A person who is biblically-literate will be less open to accepting or carrying out secular scientific research findings than his or her counterpart. This means that a person who is scientifically literate will be more open and willing to accept the findings of secular scientific research than someone who is biblically literate.

This is evident in mixed societies like Israel. This observation suggests that someone who has received a secular education is more likely to absorb biblical influences than someone who has been biblically literate.

When we examine religion and morality, there are many problems. Sometimes it is claimed that morality is embedded within religion or that religion is moral. However, a moral education doesn’t have to be religious.

There are obvious differences between religions and moralities, particularly in terms of their goals and objectives. Moral education in schools serves two purposes: to foster virtue and to open a cultural dialogue about moral issues that are part of our culture.

Modern times have seen education become more dependent on technological and economic developments.

But religion and morality are more important than materialism for the life meaning and essence.

Religious leaders claim that without a religious component in education, we may lose the ability to talk about virtue, love, self sacrifice, community duties, and justice. The lack of religion in education curricula can lead to hostility between religious groups, which may cause communities to be divided and even start cultural wars.

The belief system of Atheism is that there is no connection between morality or religious behavior and that it is important to teach morality without referring to religion. The practices of religious groups show the falsity of the assertion that morality is independent from religion, and therefore it is unnecessary to differentiate between them. Many psychological influences can be found in the morality realm by practicing religious beliefs. To put it another way, the endorsement of religious beliefs implies a particular perspective on morality.

My family immigrated from Hungary to Israel in 1948. I went to the Orthodox Chasidic Quarter of Bnei-Brak, where I studied at Wischnitz. It was named after Wischnitza (a Ukrainian town). My father complained to the teacher that I was disrupting peace by asking questions. I refused to accept that the Rabbi quoted from the Bible “Naaseh V’Nishma”, meaning “first we’ll make and then we’ll understand” in plain English.
“Just do what I say, explanation will follow “… I needed the explanation first…

History has shown that politics is driven by a desire to incorporate religion and morality into politics. This can lead to dangerous results. To unite as many believers, active and not, behind one’s cause, whatever it may be, is one reason to involve God in conflicts, wars, and fights.

Let’s take an example of a small scale. Let’s say that there is a small village with people who have white, black, red, or red hair. These four hair colours are evenly distributed among the inhabitants of the village. The blacks are not liked by the blonds. There is harmony because the blacks don’t like whites and no one likes reds.

Only one thing unites the whites, blacks, and reds: their religion. The reds believe in EGO God Almighty while the blonds believe in AGO God. To worship these gods, the village built two houses.

Every village has small farms that are located on the same land and draw water from the same source. Blond men are more inventive and spend their time and money on their farms. The village men are lazy and smoke pipes, and play cards. Only black, red, and white women work in fields.

Two neighbours, one black and one blonde, have a dispute about garden pests.
Although it is not serious, it should be resolved quickly. However, it escalates to a major fight between some of the protagonists’ neighbors.

They just smile because they don’t want to be involved in the conflict, and they don’t like the blacks or blonds.

A jury of equal numbers of blacks, whites, reds, and blonds is chosen to hear the case. The blond farmer claims that scorpions, snakes, and other pests from his neighbour’s farm are ruining his garden, getting into the house, and threatening his children. The blond farmer claims that he tried to get help from his black neighbor, but that he was ignored by his neighbour. The farmer, a blond man, built a fence to stop the problem from getting worse. His black neighbour is now suing him and asking for an order to remove the fence. The fence blocks the neighbour’s view, and he can’t walk through his yard.

The judge and jury support the case of the blond farmer and the black farmer is forced to play his last card. The fence has prevented him from worshipping EGO, he claims. The blond farmer also claimed that EGO is not something he believes in. He claims that he has been cursing God and that all blonds should build fences to make it impossible to worship EGO. The majority of the jury is against the blond, and he loses.
The case could be settled by the parties involved as long as it was a dispute between neighbors about responsible farming. It became a religious issue and involved all the villagers of their respective faiths. They were willing to do anything to reach their goals, particularly if they were supported by religious leaders.

I was educated religiously and conservatively, then later scientifically and secularly. This has led me to believe moral education must be separate from religious education in order to be free, rational, and independent.

If societies want to be strong, healthy, and harmonious, they must be able to agree on how religion and morality should be taught.

Education-related events were important, such as the signing of Magna Carta (Great Charter), on June 15th 12,15. As part of peace negotiations, King John of England and a group rebel barons agreed to the charter. It promised that rebel barons would not be imprisoned and promised justice as well as exemption from certain taxes and payments imposed by the crown.

The charter was later annulled by Pope InnocentIII because the parties failed to honor their respective promises. This led to the First Barons’ War.
It is interesting that the barons insist that the agreement be written because of the mistrust that existed between the parties. They realized that oral promises wouldn’t hold.

These events occurred at a time when the majority of the population was not literate. This was a major achievement.

Magna Carta was an agreement between political parties and has been a symbol of freedom around the world. You can see its effects in English history, American history and modern times. Since its writing, historians and lawyers have cited it and used it. Magna Carta had an impact on American colonists. The American Constitution was also influenced by Magna Carta. It was published in 1787 and became America’s supreme law.

Analyzing the foundations of American colonial education during the seventeenth century reveals that it was heavily influenced by European intellectuals and teachers. This is not surprising, as America’s colonization began largely with Europeans. They believed education had a primary purpose to save souls, so the majority of education was based upon the scriptures. The Puritan tradition was followed by the first schools. Some European immigrants attempted to preserve their religious beliefs, morals, and original languages.

Teaching was informal and done within the family, often from books or publications that had basic references to the Bible.
Industrialization in the 19th century saw the transition from theoretical education to more practical and up-to-date learning.

Although it was illegal to educate slaves in the South, this law was not widely followed.

The majority of schools were only for boys and girls were educated at their homes or in all-girls schools, where they learned cooking and sewing skills.
One could become a teacher if one can read. Students were expected to memorize as much as they could about the Old and New Testaments. Success was measured by Bible knowledge.

All those who didn’t follow the instructions of teachers were subject to harsh corporal punishments.

Around the middle of the nineteenth-century, education was enhanced with the use of dictionaries as well as limited maps of world geography. To unite students around American nationalism, the curriculum was expanded to include moral and patriotic subjects. This helped to instill a common set of virtues in them.

Two hundred years later, there were important changes and revolutions in America’s education system.

Although much has been accomplished to improve education in the USA, there is still much to do. Particularly among Black and Hispanic students, the graduation rate needs to be higher. Too many students drop out and fail to graduate on schedule is the result of too many dropouts. To attract and retain the best teachers, it is important to have more qualified teachers and be paid more.


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