Learn Calligraphy
With Augmented Reality

Step 1

Get Hiro Marker

For placing semitransparent art you'll need printed Hiro marker. 

Get Hiro Marker

Step 2

Grab Mobile Device

You'll need:
- Android 5.0+ and Chrome
- iPhone with iOS 11 and Safari

Open website on mobile device.
Or scan QR code:

Step 3

Have Fun!

Use QR code to open it directly on mobile, or copy


Why sometimes image disappear?

Try to keep Hiro marker in visible area. Even if only part of marker is not visible tracking will not work.

Why do I need Marker?

You need marker to connect somewhere art in virtual space. For example ARKit and ARCore will not help. They are using camera to recognize environments. In our case blank paper doesn’t have any features to be recognized. But most important thing is that when you are starting drawing, you change recognized environment, that makes them loosing tracking. So marker is good alternative to connect art not on area that you are working on

Why it’s not working on my phone?

This experience works on next devices: Android 5.0+ and Chrome, iPhone with iOS 11 and Safari. If you have any of them, but still have issues, feel free to message me on hi@vovakurbatov.com

Who made so nice arts?

I just found them on Pinterest. If it’s your art and you don’t want it to be presented on this website, or you want to be mentioned here as creator please email hi@vovakurbatov.com

I got some ideas how to improve this product. Can I have a chat with you?

I’m always open to feedback. Please message me on hi@vovakurbatov.com or find me on Twitter

How is it possible?

It’s possible thankfully to Jerome Etienne who made AR.js, A-Frame, ThreeJS, and many others.

Why art is distorted when I’m holding phone vertically?

Please hold your phone horizontally to get right scale of art.

How to open it on full screen?

To hide URL bar select “Add to Home Screen” option in modal window in your browser. After this go to home screen and open just created shortcut. URL bar will disappear.