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Here are 4 more keys to creating a remotehub that they will remember

Five great ways to make a remotehub that hiring managers will remember. We’ll be sharing four more tips to help you create a winning job-winning resume in the second article. We want to reiterate our disclaimer: Although this is not a complete list, it will help you get started on your journey to resume superstardom (and the new career you have been dreaming of)!


You only have seven seconds to grab the attention of the hiring manager. Seven. This is how long it took you to read it. Use industry-specific keywords to command it! Use great keywords to match the requirements of the hiring manager. You’ve gained an extra 30 seconds of their attention.

They will be impressed by the ‘good stuff.

Include your most notable accomplishments on your resume. Which accomplishment is your most proud? It’s important to mention it to the hiring manager. It doesn’t matter if you bold it or underline it. It doesn’t matter if it’s amazing, they should know. And you want them doing so NOW!


Challenge-Actions-Results. What were your challenges? What actions did you take to overcome them? And what were the outcomes of those actions. This formula will help you write each bullet point of your resume. You’ll be amazed at how many quantifiable achievements you have!


It’s better to not lie! A resume should not contain lying. It doesn’t belong anywhere! However, I do have a degree from public relations and spent four years learning how to make positive spins on any situation. It is possible, just ask any White House spokesperson. This is an important aspect of resume writing in tight markets. You must consistently outshine your competition to be considered for a callback. You can frame anything positive, from being out of work for three-years to explaining why you quit your last job or how you explained that you have worked six jobs in the past two years. You have the power to position, phrase, and create content strategically. Be creative, but be honest!

These four strategies can be added to the five in our previous article and you will soon be a pro at resume writing.

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