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Betting Bank for pussy888

What is the number of units in a Betting Bank

A pussy888 bank simply refers to the total number of units (i.e. PS1 is the amount of money you have to bet. One unit is how much money you bet per horse or per race. For example, PS1 per bet. A betting bank should contain around 30 units. If my unit of betting is PS1, then I would need a bank of PS30. If my unit was PS10, that would be PS300. For betting PS100 per horse, that would be PS3,000. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose. It is important to only spend money necessary for your daily living expenses. You can use a betting bank to help you ride the times when there are few winners. Second, if you only have money to lose, you are more comfortable and confident with your choices. It is just as important to learn how to deal with losing streaks as it is for finding winners.

Incremental Banks

How do you get to the point where you can place a stake of PS1 per horse? This is when the incremental betting bank kicks in. Each time you reach a significant point in your total bank, winners and losers are added to and subtracted. This assumes that you are in profit. Divide your pussy888 bank by how many units you use, and this becomes your horse’s unit. Let’s take an example. For example, if you start with a PS30 bank with PS1 per horse and the bank reaches PS45 divide the total by 30 to get a new unit of PS1.50. After the bank reaches PS60, divide by 30 to get PS2 per selection. You will continue this process until you reach the point where you want to place a bet per unit of say, PS100. You can then siphon off winnings from your bank whenever it reaches more than PS3,000 and keep your bank steady. Although this may seem overwhelming, it is possible to double your bank to PS30 and PS60 to double your bet.

The 10% Rule or the 3 point Rule

The downside to using horse racing systems (or any other sport) as a betting platform is the inability to control how many bets are placed on any given day. You can apply filters to limit or increase the number of bets, as demonstrated with the Avon Handicap System. Even if you use one of these filters, a Friday with seven ongoing meetings can result in six, seven or more possible bets. The sods law states that if all of the meetings lose on a given day, it can cause a serious dip in your betting bank and confidence. The 10% or 3-point rule can be used to prevent this from happening. This means that you can only deposit 10% of your betting bank or 3 points. If you have a total betting amount of 50 points, and your total cash is PS500 (PS10/point), the maximum you can use that day is either 10% or PS50. The maximum you can use if you have 3 points is 3 x PS10 = PS30. The maximum would be PS10 per bet if there were 3 runners following the 3 point rule. If you used 10%, that would also make it PS10 per bet. PS30 would then be your total. The 10% limit is not a maximum. The maximum permitted for both methods would be higher if there were six selections. This situation is where we divide the total number of bets (6 into the maximum for each method). The 3 point method 6 divided into 30 (PS30), equals 5, which is PS5 per bet. The 10% method 6 divided into 50 is 8.33 (let’s say 8), which equals PS8 per bet. I use the 3 Point Rule regardless of how big my bank is, unless I am creating a new system or only using small amounts per bet. In which case my betting bank would be 100 plus.

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