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Who are the close protection team?

The Team Leader

This individual may be the Principal’s Bodyguard, or the overall head of the protective operation. The job of the Team Leader is to make sure that everyone has the information they need to perform their function. He usually liaises directly with the Principal or the contracting security company. The close protection team Leader is able to fire and hire team members for most assignments.

The Bodyguard

Typically abbreviated as BG, he is a member the PES (discussed later). His role is different. While everyone in a team is technically a bodyguard (i.e. Their function is the same, regardless of whether they are drivers, or guard the garden gate. One BG is allowed per principal. Although there may be a night and day BG, generally one BG is available for each principal. The PES is the other ‘Bodyguard’. The BG will always be in close contact to the Principal. The Principal’s job is to protect him from all dangers, i.e. To provide ‘body coverage’. The BG is the principal’s inner defense and is responsible for ensuring that no threat reaches him. The BG, who is part of the PES team, is the one who never fights or stands when working. He flees (with the Principal, of course), providing body cover while he does so. This role may be, depending on the situation, completely different from that of the PES.

The Principal is the Bodyguard, and he is the main man or woman. He is at the centre concentric circles of protection. Concentric circles share the same centre. He is the final piece of protection, and he puts himself between any threat and the Principal. We will also learn more about the RST and the PES.

The Section for Personal Escort (PES).

Depending on their situation, the PES may have different functions. They provide an outer defense cordon, rather than the BG’s inner. They may serve the same purpose as the BGs in some cases, namely to provide body protection and escape from danger. In other cases, they may serve to protect the Principal and allow the BG to move him away from danger.

Depending on the situation, the PES might be as close as the BG in some cases, while they may be far away in others. You might find the PES outside a venue, in a car that is ready to go if necessary.

Security Advance Party (SAP).

Each assignment will have a different composition of the SAP. Some may have one or two dedicated members who do only advance work. Some may only need an SAP for a specific purpose. The SAP’s main function is to make sure there are no unexpected costs for the Principal when he travels on his business and social schedules. The SAP will check that the routes and venues are safe before the Principal travels. This may take place months ahead of time. It may also include the planning of an overseas vacation, which may be done minutes before the Principal arrives. The SAP is an important role. It must have great communication skills, be able to exercise personal security and be well-trained in search.

The Residence Security Team

As the name implies, the RST looks after the security of any property where the Principal is residing. It could be a house or a hotel. Even if they only reside for a few weeks, many principals have all their residences secured with an RST. Most bodyguards begin their apprenticeship here. The RST must be able to use modern equipment to help secure premises. They must work hard, hope to be noticed and then move on to better things. The RST may be asked to perform route reconnaissance and SAP work. You will be unable to complete these tasks if you do not follow the rules. If you do a great job, the next time someone from the PES takes a day off, you might be able to stand in and impress.


Although all members of the team should have the ability to drive, the driver’s role is often a solely dedicated one. This means that the driver is only employed as such. Close protection training may be required for this driver. It is a crime if they aren’t. The vehicle they drive is often the best weapon a close protection team has. It is better to have a driver who has been trained in close protection and can work with the team in an emergency than a chauffeur who is employed only because the Principal likes his peaked cap.

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Three Reasons to Watch 90Phut Live and the World Cup

90Phut Live is a very popular sport in many countries. However, it is not the most popular in America. Americans prefer to play the sports they invented, like (American) baseball and (American) football. Ask any American sports fan who won the World Series (baseball), last year. They will tell you. You can also ask them questions like “Which two teams participated in the Super Bowl last season?” They will almost certainly be able tell you which teams played in the Super Bowl last year, their final score and who won. If you ask them, “Who won last World Cup?” They may just stare at you blankly.

Soccer is a popular sport in many countries for several reasons. These are three reasons why soccer is so popular in many countries.

Action The action in soccer is almost continuous (unless there’s an injury). This makes soccer very exciting for many. This contrasts with American football and baseball, where there are many exciting plays but then the action slows down until the next play. These two sports are very stop-and go.

Skill-Oriented Soccer is more about skill and finesse than brute strength. Baseball players strive to become stronger in order to hit the ball further and score more runs. While being stronger in soccer will make it easier to catch someone trying to steal the ball, it won’t make it any more effective in soccer. It’s entertaining to see the skill aspect.

World Sport The World Cup in soccer is a championship that truly encompasses the whole world (in contrast to the World Series in baseball, which only involves the United States and Canada). The World Cup features every team from a different country, so you can see who the true best is at the end.

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Commencing to Download Free mp3juices.mobi Music

In case you are searching for no-fee acoustic or visible music, next you can make certain that the place going to would be the internet. This is mainly because there happens to generally be apparently endless resources of graphic clips available for downloading for absolutely no fee whatsoever through the widest models of internet web sites. To this conclusion, you will be happy to observe that most record companies as well as artists are now developing allowance for their fans to approach downloading whole albums and songs without charging them.

Although it is likely you will get the child that you are a kid in several snack store when you’re provided the choice of downloading these songs for free, always keep in your head that it is crucial to be cautious when you are doing this.

This’s primarily as a result on the fact that whenever you download mp3juices.mobi music as well as songs without making sure that you have invested in them, you might actually be violating a number of the songs’ copyright laws. This would go to show that you will need to conduct an extremely complete analysis to assist you learn the websites at which it is doable to acquire no cost visual video clips without having to break the law.

After you are done with the research also you’ve found out those web sites that are legitimate in relation to downloading music for complimentary, right now there are a selection of tips and hints you are going to need to work with to assist you.

For starters, retain in your thoughts that cost-free downloads of music status among many wonderful methods for growing the music repertoire at your fingertips without needing to invest one single dollar out of the pocket of yours.

Besides the above, majority of the music that you are going to get to acquire will almost certainly be in MP3 format. However, you are able to nevertheless find a few of websites that will furnish you with the leeway to obtain the video clips particularly from MTV.

Last but not least, artists use an inclination to make available free downloads of music. You are going to need to check via their recognized web sites or the web pages they keep on social networking sites. Bit Torrent and peer to peer networks are unbeatable online resources with regards to downloading complimentary conceptual and sound fasteners in the internet. This basically would mean that it is advisable that you simply get them.

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Video Conferencing Public Rooms- Go Public, Go Practical

Your business is expanding internationally. There are people in Paris, Auckland, Florence and Florence working for your business. For you and your employees, the days of waiting on telegrams are gone. You don’t have to shout in opposition to inaudible static to get your message across. Modern technology makes it possible to communicate with people in real-time. Video conferencing is a wonderful innovation that allows you to connect with your Zimbabwe liaison officer and have a conversation almost as if you were sitting in the same room.

Video, What?

You can use video 강서퍼블릭룸 conferencing technology to communicate with your business associates worldwide via the Internet. Your Internet service provider’s speed will affect the quality of sound and images that you send and receive. If you don’t want your image to freeze in mid-blink and your eyes closed, high-speed is the best option.

How Can You Afford it?

Video conferencing equipment can be set up in board or conference rooms. However, video conferencing equipment is not cheap. The most high-tech videoconferencing equipment, which includes projectors and LCD screens, routers and speaker phones, would consume a significant portion of last year’s profits. If you have the funds, buy all the equipment that your company needs. However, if you are still trying to cut corners or make a profit, buying video conferencing equipment is not a good idea.

Make it Public!

Video conferencing technology isn’t impossible, so who’s to stop you from using it? You can still use video conference technology, even if you don’t have the same ambitions as your resources. How? You can use video conferencing public spaces! You can use video conferencing public rooms to host conferences with all the latest video conferencing equipment. You can rent or lease them.

One of the best things about video conferencing public areas is that they are very affordable. It is a cost-effective alternative to setting up your own video conference room. You simply need to let operators know what you want, for how long, and when. They will handle everything, from conference setup to equipment maintenance. Video conferencing public rooms will undoubtedly save your company time, money, and manpower.

Going Public

The next step is to find the best video conferencing public room. FedEx’s Kinko is one of the most popular video conferencing public areas. Kinko’s has 120 locations around the world and is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The latest video conferencing equipment is available. You can even opt to have your meeting videotaped so that you can view the proceedings at your leisure, or see which executives fell asleep while you spoke.

Proximity also offers video conference public rooms in over 3500 locations around the world. You can arrange video conferencing for as few as 2 or as many as 5K participants. You just need to show up. There is nothing to be concerned about.

Public rooms for video conferencing are popping up everywhere. You can ensure seamless, convenient video conferencing wherever you are in the world by picking the right mushroom.

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